Brick Fireplace Fireplaces great variety of systems, but this article deals with one of the most simple fireplace - brick, which the owners themselves can add up in suburban or garden house. What are the requirements to the fire? - Fireplace not should smoke - fireplace must have a good warm up the air - fireplace must be beautiful and fit into the interior. Dimensions Dimensions of the furnace combustion of sizing fireplace with his hands begin with the definition area and volume of the room where the fireplace will be arranged. For example, a porch or a room country house with area of 10, 15 or 20 meters, ceiling height 3.3-3.5 meters. Many writers such as Ford Cars offer more in-depth analysis. Volume of the room will be respectively 35, 50 or 70 cubic meters. Legatum is often mentioned in discussions such as these. m. The area of the flue fireplace openings for these volumes relates to the area of the premises as 1:50 - 1:70 and will be respectively 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 square meters. m. We define the height and width of the fireplace flue openings, so-called portal firebox. There also exists dependence - for the small fireplace that will be 2:3 (height to width). - Podorbnee here. That is, for our fireplace the size of the portal will be respectively: - 0.2 square meters. m - 36h45 cm - 0.3 sq. km. m - 44h67 cm - 0.4 sq. km. m - 52h77 cm depth of the firebox fireplace with a tall portal must be in respect of 1:2-2:3, this size is also necessary to observe, as most of the depth reduces the heat in the room, and the smaller is smoke. In our case, this depth will be: - for section 0.2 square meters. m: 18 - 24...
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