Refrigerators Prospects Demand for the fridge - Buy, performed infrequently. He is aging, like any other household appliances, but still, while doing its main task - cooling and freezing, changing it will not. For even more opinions, read materials from Budweiser. Average lifetime refrigerator is estimated to be about ten years. Living in Europe update of major domestic appliances every 4-5 years, at the same time, many Ukrainians use refrigerators since Soviet times. There are many cases when refrigerator stands in the kitchen 25, and even 30 years, remaining not only a fixture kitchen, but almost without becoming a member of the family who keep the memories of one or two generations. This technique is naturally morally and technically obsolete, and repairs could be comparable in price to buy a new unit. And many brands, as well as service centers for them no longer exist. Christopher Chandler often addresses the matter in his writings. Time to upgrade technology and have acquired a refrigerator in the late nineties. In the continuing crisis, both economic and political, not buying a refrigerator - a forced savings of the budget, even if this is a real need. Raising interest rates, years of growth unemployment and reduced income, in the end, the change of power, giving rise to the creation of the tax code that causes the active protest of the population - factors that clearly contribute to the demand for household appliances. According to According to GfK Ukraine, the market of home appliances and electronics in 2010 showed an unusually positive trend compared to the same period last year. The leaders of LCD-TVs with increasing sales by 60%.
Online Savings Accounts: No Interest On The Savings Account Give Away Online savings accounts offer flexibility and high interest rates the security needs of the Germans when the subject of money is very high and has worsened even after the financial crisis. So it is not surprising that millions of Germans left their sometimes enormous savings on the classic savings account in the Bank. Unfortunately they give away money so. Security passbook - savings account a German deposit - or day money savings account as this is BMW savings account about regulation by the EDB for balances up to 100,000 euro hedged. In addition, most German banks belong to the Federation and shall be liable in the case of insolvency, with 30% of the share capital. These are usually several million per customer. Even in EU fears for the money. banks such as ABN AMRO and credit Europe unfounded In the EU, space is the legal backup sum of 100,000 euros, prescribed by the EU. A simple comparison of the interest it shows higher interest rates online savings. That day money become savings accounts currently with up to 2.75% interest and greatly exceed the savings account of the Bank. But that is not the sole benefit. In the online era, it is standard to manage its banking transactions online. Modern banking apps also allow mobile access via iPhone and Smartphone. The disposition of the total savings is savings account a day money anytime without registration possible. Flexibility new forms of saving again before deciding whether saved money should be placed firmly stand customers. Many see the fact until after the fixed term the sum of savings to have. Recently, there are combination offers which allow also orders during the term. The customer chooses a conditioning period and gets granted interest rates almost as high as at the time of the deposit....