Beer Connoisseurs Fun, beer, music and the company of other beer fans who is bored with the holidays in the countryside, has enough of the quiet days on the Lake, which should as soon as possible to book a trip to Munich. It is not a city tour but a couple of days on the lawn with a beer in hand and music in the background. Thing to remember is also necessarily a few folk songs before the trip, so that you can sing in the choir, then with the other beer fans. You must buy a certain clothing, which is similar to the traditional clothing. Bayern Munich, the Oktoberfest last are terms that are for any beer fan of great importance. End of September and beginning of October get large groups of tourists on the way. All expect good food, lots of fun and of course they look forward to the real German beer. Anyone who loves this drink, should visit this Festival at least once in life. It all started in the 18th century when Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Theresa wanted to get married. The young couple has a big celebration organized, it was a huge success. They decided to organize such an event every year. Since that moment, Munich is the capital of beer. The Oktoberfest is a favorite event for everyone who enjoys beer. Traditionally, the Mayor of Munich opens the barrel with the most famous beer, the Marzen beer. The guests celebrate in a large square located near the city's Cathedral. On the tables there are not only various sorts of beer and delicious food. It is however not only about food and beverages. The guests and tourists can enjoy themselves by listening to folk music and sing folk lids. The Orchestra plays all day long...
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