ViewSonic Europe Ltd Interactivity and network capability through advanced connect Munich, the 02 April 2013 ViewSonic Europe Ltd., a leading provider of consumer electronics as well as communication and it solutions, today for the first time a new series of projectors before: the PJD8 ultra short throw projectors. The different models offer an impressive variety of functions, such as, for example, interactivity in dual pen mode *, as well as numerous connection options. The launch of the new series form the PJD8353s, the PJD8653ws, the PJD8333s and the PJD8633ws. "In the area of the ultra short throw projectors, it is common that the manufacturer either put on direct projection models, or solutions, which use the reflective mirror technology. But we think that it is important to have the choice between two options the customer", explains Joss k, product marketing manager at ViewSonic Europe Ltd."in combination with our new advanced connect technology and useful features that support interactivity, offers customers a large selection. our brand with the new PJD8 series" The network-enabled ultra short throw projectors can be mounted directly above your Whiteboard. This so-called hot prevents spots, shadows and glare of the presenting person. Thus these models are ideal for small spaces and difficult projection surfaces, as one often finds it in classrooms and meeting rooms. The projectors of the PJD8 series are equipped with a Crestron LAN controller, so it is very easy for IT administrators to manage multiple projectors from their computers over a network and monitor. The AMX device discovery certification is also the integration easy. To ensure maximum flexibility, the projectors in two product lines are available: the models of the 53-line provide maximum interactivity and 33-line models feature the advanced connect technology.
German Management One of the leading Web-based project management tools is native language now available for German-speaking users in their. The software company based in the United States, wrike will now start the English version of its project management software, which currently is one of the top products in this market. Already thousands of companies foods, Adobe and ECCO worldwide rely on wrike for their day-to-day work, including force. Wrike's focus is to support both local and distributed teams, easy, fast, and above all efficiently cooperate in a friendly and flexible system. Wrike offers a comprehensive mix of features for project management of collaboration: to-do and utilization management, interactive Gantt charts, news feeds and discussions on projects, time tracking, email integration, and more integrated. So future localizations are accelerated and users can determine the accuracy of the translations with wrike has in addition a translation platform powered by the community developed. Each volunteer can sign up and contribute to the translation of the interface into any language. The user can add new entries to it and optimize existing. Thanks to this innovative model, the wrike translated interface in just a few weeks into German. Our client base now extends to over 50 countries. "We are therefore focusing to add more languages to wrike, so that our international customers will benefit from a more comfortable operation and be more efficient", commented Andrew Filev, CEO and founder of wrike. English and German, wrike is available now in some other languages, for example, Spanish and Italian. It is just important that our new translation platform enables our users to contribute to the optimization of wrike version of their respective language itself. The end user know wrike very well and know the best, as they want to name their favorite features in their native language. The...