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Technical Modification Selection of a suitable pump - not an easy task, since the design parameters often differ from the actual operating parameters under which manifest some of the shortcomings and failures in centrifugal pumps. The main disadvantages of centrifugal pumps include: 1) The need to fill the pump with water before they start, and 2) The limited application of centrifugal pumps for low productivity due to: a) low efficiency, small pumps, and b) the complexity of the casting body with narrow flow channels, and c) the need to increase the number of stages due to small capacity pump. In practice, the output of the pump from service for repairs may be due to several reasons: 1) The main reason - failure to ensure the desired flow rate pumped substance or lack of pressure fluid. 2) In addition to the first cause, there are many other reasons why the operation pump should be stopped immediately. For example, problems associated with impaired compaction, which leads to leaks and loss of sealing, cooling, fire protection, and 3) problems associated with fault BEARING pump motor, which lead to a deterioration of lubricant, its pollution, loss of cooling, unnatural noise arising in the process, 4) Disadvantages of the pump housing, excessively high noise levels and vibration. Eliminating the possibility of the above faults and shortcomings is one of the areas for which you want to develop new designs. Other goals may be modified include achieving maximum ease of installation, operation and maintenance of the pump.