Familial Issues First and foremost we need to arm ourselves with patience, understanding, common sense and above all dialogue. After all, we are asking a great effort on his part, so it is best not to make things worse and not argue over the Bill. Some points to keep in mind: give clear explanations and make them understand the reason for the move. Create a process of familiarization with which will be its new environment through photos, maps or with explanations of what you can find there. It should describe the advantages of the new place, but we never ensalcemos the positive things too, children by nature are already likely enough to create fantasies, so we do not encourage this aspect, because it could be a misconception and to realize what it had promised him as something exceptional is not, will feel disappointed and his sadness could increase. If our daughter or son is in his last year of high school, we could consider the possibility of running caring for some trusted relatives until the school year ends. After the density and multiple complications that this point of Los Ninos y las Mudanzas is supposed in a family move there has to be a good thing, isn't it? Yes of course. If we manage to create a strong family ties and arrange everything perfectly, only paying adequate attention and maintaining internal stability, moving can be a great experience and a positive growth in our children and/or youth leading them to increased confidence, self-esteem and a great ability for interpersonal relationships.
English Couturier This English Couturier came to Paris after seven years of training in London. In 1858 along with his partner Boberg founded his own fashion house in the Rue de la Paix, which takes in 1871 the address solo. Worth was a pioneer in the celebrity category are attributable to sign his creations as if they were pieces of art. In addition, each new year presented a collection with which to increase its sales and hence their profits. This revolutionary innovation of the season collections is a source from which current designers are still taking advantage. Worth lines were simple, it reduced the crinoline, so the skirt fell flat at the front and picked up the excess fabric at the back. The word Couturier was created especially to qualify to Worth, who managed to unite the English cutting technique with the waste of elegance typical of the French. It should also be mentioned that the English Couturier because much of its fame to two empresses of the era: Isabel of Austria and Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon III. Both they were made to portray for posterity looking designs in silk and tulle embroidered in gold's Worth. After the death of the genius, the relay passed to his sons, Gaston and Jean-Philippe. About la femme ornee apparels or adorned woman in the belle epoque must say that it was characterized by its eagerness to compress and cover of hairpieces the female body. The idea was to create an hourglass with the curves of the Lady: fragile waist and lush upper and lower part. The women's costumes, even in the slightly watered-down version of Worth, resembled a straitjacket. Neck, high, narrow and rigid, obliged to erect the head, while hats, slightly inclined and wide wings, were decorated with ostrich feathers heavy. Sleeves were...