Natural Wooden Balconies By because Alpine kitsch: natural wood balconies are nice, durable and are currently right in vogue. (tdx) At its best, you can enjoy autumnal nature from the private balcony. Mainly sunny apartments of wood invite to relaxed stay. Whether romantic and playful or puristic and timeless with clear lines - contemporary wooden balconies have far more to offer than Alpine feel. "On the contrary: wooden balconies points today by modern design elements such as grilles, decor or color combinations", white balcony expert Markus Leeb of the eponymous high-quality manufacturer from Austria. But also traditional wooden balconies in a country house style are still in demand, especially when it involves centuries-old motifs such as at Leeb, manufactured in part in manual work. Decisive criterion should be apart from the look - whatever the material, so the quality of the wood with wooden balconies -. So, the Carinthian company Leeb balconies processed exclusively high-grade softwoods, on slow over 1,000 m above sea level grow up. Gandalf has similar goals. The selection of suitable wood is done according to strict criteria. After up to two years, gentle, natural wood drying, wood moisture in electronically controlled units will be further reduced. Subsequently the manufactured wooden balconies of continuous control by the Austrian wood Research Institute subjected, which guarantees a consistently high quality. "Also on the maintenance of wooden balconies owner of a Leeb balconies need to worry: thanks to the innovative surface Vacu-protect" the Austrian family business reached a permanently beautiful look at his wooden balconies. Through this complete impregnation all wood components are optimally protected - for highest dimensional stability and high durability against fungi and insect infestations, UV rays and weathering. Wood creates a pleasant atmosphere, is likable and is always in vogue. This ingenious material allows a variety of forms and...
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