Mineirinho New people appear and the Abdala goes to take care of them. The Mineirinho nor if moves of the place. It continues pricking the tobacco. Some times if raise, go until the door and of each enormous cusparada one, as it was parrot excrement. It returns to the place and it continues cutting the tobacco. Plus one pauses: - Its Abdala, Mr. vende coffee? - Seeing yes, how many kilos go? - How much it is the kilo? - One hundred and ten cruises. Mineirinho nor raises the head. It continues its task to cut the tobacco. Finished to cut this, it starts to rub the hand in whose it dust to be fininho well. boot time in this. There later handle the straw, passes in the language pra and pra here, until softening it well. It places the tobacco in the straw and rolls, enroladinha and it asks well again: - By chance Mr. vende sugar? - In the certainty that yes. - How much it is the kilo? - Sixty and six cruises. Mineirinho places the cigarette in the mouth, looks binga, but it does not find it. It does not have as to light the tobacco, but without no cerimnica it asks for the Abdala. - Its Abdala, you could loan to a tio pra to me I to light the cigarette? I do not know where I placed mine binga. Mineirinho lights the straw cigarette and goes well smoking to the few and devagarinho. In each puff that of, untied as much smoke that more it seems a fire extinguisher of fireman body. The entire warehouse is impregnated of catinga of the cigarette. Mineirinho nor binds. It is as if he was calm in its proper house. The time passes: 9 hours, 10, 11.
Feng Shui Lighting in the teachings of Feng Shui plays an important role, therefore, developing an interior that you want to be renovated kvaritiry, try to pay more attention to natural light. If the layout does not allow get lots of light, you can use the mirrors, creating the effect of sunlight. But, do not have a mirror right in front of windows - light sources. Artificial lighting should be bright enough to things have changed around their color, because fluorescent lamps in the interior are not recommended in large quantities. If the light is sent up, the ceiling, being brightly lit, it will seem higher. Mirrors in the long, narrow hallway, placed on opposite walls, but by no means against each other, not only visually push the space, but will adjust the lighting and direct energy in the right direction. But put a mirror in the bedroom is not recommend, but without this if you can not do, is to place a mirror so that it is not reflected sleeping hosts. Mirrors in the dining room does not just expand the space and will increase coverage, but positively "influence" on are on the table meals. Color sensations of every person is so individual that in the teachings of Feng Shui describes only some associations with colors. Developing finishing kvaritiry certain colors, rely on your feelings, do not try to go against them, or repair of the apartment does not go in your favor. If your apartment is small, then do not get carried away monotonously, a small room should be bright, warming you. Applying the finishing flat absorbent material, you will not only extinguish the background noise, which are considered hazardous to health, but also protect yourself from outside noises, just in case you got noisy neighbors. Any apartment, cluttered massive...