Policies For Vehicles If there is with a vehicle automotive the best thing is to have similarly a policy for vehicles, which stipulate different aspects which will be documentary sustenance in different situations that can be derived of the transit to occur with an automobile, in such way will have at disposal a means with which may require an insurer to perform certain actions derived from what you stipulate in the policy for vehicles and so having a warranty which would greatly favour related to the non-contractual liability that generates certain events related to the displacement of a vehicle and the same fact is affecting third parties, as well as a number of protections that are provided to the person or the occupants who were in the vehicle; If policies for vehicles will be a guarantee that is to require a company their duties to certain events under the same policies for vehicles. Policies for vehicles possess a model, in which sets: A relationship between a company and a person, whether natural or legal, where the company must put its name on the document, taking the position of insurer and adding all the legal information that will help identify in business records the conditions of the same company, addition to this must include the physical location of the insurance company headquarters, the name of the representative and the policyholder or advisor that gave accommodate the policy between the insurer and the insured future hiring, specifying so a contract of character of civil liability, in relation to the movement of the vehicle that the insurer you want to protect by means of this policy for vehicles. So from this policy for vehicles the insurer undertakes to indemnify third parties who will be affected in their heritage, as well as his person for damages caused...
RSA Traffic Therefore, when you make an insurance case without traffic police needed consider the following: - Notice is filled with both parties fully and in detail - all the fixes in the notice must be certified by the signatures of both parties - the notice must be sure to fix that Participants of the accident no differences in the interpretation of the circumstances of accident, nature and the list of visible injury - when disagreements or doubts that the amount of damages does not exceed 25,000 rubles, it is recommended to call traffic police officers. It is worth to warn that if, by agreeing to a simplified procedure, the driver makes a mistake in assessing the refurbishment of the car (at a cost of more expensive stoa 25 thousand rubles), all funds in excess of the limit client will have to pay out of pocket. 'The insurer is not at all desire can not help the traffic police from the accident scene to the client to pay in excess of this amount. Otherwise, it is subject to tax penalties' - told reporters President Andrew Kigim sar. Its complexity and is going to court if not properly identifying the cost of repairs, since-established procedures in the Russian courts for damages on the simplification of regulation unavailable. As the president explained RSA: 'You must understand that the driver in the court itself will need to defend its position and to prove the claim for greater compensation in the absence of evidence, which to today, served as background traffic police about the accident.