International Prepaid Calling Cards Always you are recharging it and you barely remember it, but can you tell what are the advantages of the international prepaid? Well, I'm going to help you a little. International prepaid cards are those cards for mobile phones that must be recharged beforehand by users to consume the balance loaded with different calls later. International prepaid cards can be used until it is completely consumed the amount that has been entered in them. These cards refills international prepaid vending as which has recently come to the pink, the Pink Top Global market can be made through different media such as e.g. phone shops, or even machines. The balance of the card international prepaid will consuming depending on the use you give to your mobile: calls, messages, and all kinds of Internet-related services. When the balance is completed, international prepaid cards are restricted. This restriction will last until not be charge the battery for another, but you may continue to receive calls without any problems or restriction. The truth is that against what many thought, these international prepaid cards are still in full today. Many people think that this is due to the time of global crisis in which we find ourselves, in which the cheapest possible phone option looks. Save some money with the international prepaid every day is easier thanks, mainly, to the improvements that the companies have made in this type of international prepaid services.
Government Support There is no support in the social, economic and cultural, local and national Government. Do not receive financial support from the local government, member communities of UNAP to make efforts in Asuncion. Others of the problems is the lack of work, and the insured land available is small; and almost no longer mount to hunt; our rights as indigenous peoples are not respected. The UNAP denounces the lack of respect on the part of the Government, given that we are not consulted and decisions that affect the communities and our traditional territory. We denounce, one side is not accessible to the ancestral territories because everything is privately owned and is thus very difficult to recover it. Our traditional territory is being dismantled and destroyed by the agro livestock. There is also a lot of pressure from ranchers and loggers that extruded palo santo and there are harming our forestry people. Exploitation plans destroy waterholes and the streams and lagoons of our ancestral territory that give life to brothers ayoreos still living in the Bush. Non-indigenous society imposes on us projects and plans without consulting, while it's ancestral territory ayoreo. With all this, also affect the traditional culture, including religious practices and indigenous beliefs, which were already fully occupied and were not respected for nothing. There are also non-indigenous religious who no longer work at the shamans in the communities. In the communities there are people who want our wood for charcoal. Access to health is almost nil. There is hardly a mobile clinic each month. The insurance system that is applied in the Central Chaco discriminates against the Ayoreo people that mostly remains without protection or social security in this way. At the same time, the culture was invaded with their ancestral practices such as healing and health care, and...