Facebook General Information This article develops information about the winks for Facebook: what they are, what is their history, advantages of its use, common features, etc. It is intended to answer the most common questions from people who want to use them or looking for information on this topic. The winks are animated applications based on Flash; possibly if you've used some as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger or AIM instant messaging program, them you've seen or received through a conversation, the most popular are the flying caritas, red lips sending a kiss and many others, the purpose of the winks for Facebook is send you a dynamic message that expresses a feeling, while it may seem fun and attractive. The use of this type of application has been extended enough, due to the popularization of this social network has had in Spanish-speaking countries and in the rest of the world, by how easy that is to send them to someone else and the visual content that transmits to make use of any of them, by the General to express a feeling of joy or fun to the recipient of the information. To use winks for Facebook, it is only necessary to install the application which generates them automatically by clicking on the animated Winks that seem more fun, you can add a supplementary text sooner or later to express something verbatim to this person in particular. Some of the advantages that exist when using winks for Facebook, are: serve to complement the information that is sent and received through this social network, obtain a customization from among hundreds of possible designs (with different colors, sizes and content), highlight the traditional text messaging standard on the wall of your own profile updates, impress a dear (friend(, relative or close acquaintance) through a message, which...
General Characteristics The characteristics of the granting of the loan for the expansion of main house with the resources of the housing policy are as follows: General characteristics of the loan of housing policy for the expansion of housing: financing will be settled in favour of the beneficiary in a single disbursement granted at the date of notarization. Once cancelled the loan for expansion, is it eligible for new funding for expansion or remodelling, after 3 years from the date of registration of the credit document. Funding may be given up by 2 times to the same beneficiary. The loan will be guaranteed by the Constitution of first mortgage. The figure of the guarantor may be considered only in cases of families subject of special attention (must comply with the requirements for applicants and co-applicants). In the event the loan include direct housing subsidy, if the beneficiary disposes of the property within 5 years from the date of the grant of the subsidy, this must be reinstated to its value updated to the time of the disposition. Public registrars may not enter any negotiations without proof of cancellation of the amount of the updated grant issued by the BANAVIH. The mortgaged property may not be alienated without the authorization of the mortgagee, while the loan is in effect. The loan conditions of housing policy for the expansion of housing with resources from the FAOV: level of care depending on income family allowance direct housing credit mortgage subsidy + mortgage rate annual term in years fee financial 20% level I assistance up to Bs. 1874 20,000 41.