Latin Grammy Awards Miguel Angel Martin, general manager of T & M services welfare domicile, and Roberto Alonso, who holds the same post at the head of KA International, were the protagonists of the 22nd Edition of manages franchise. During the space of Gestiona Radio station dedicated the franchise world, both executives responded to queries raised by drivers of the programme, Jose Ramon Inguanzo and Jaime Bosqued, in respect of their business. On the one hand, T & M is a very recent franchise, founded in 2009 with the objective of providing assistance services at home; While that KA International was born more than three decades as a shop selling fabrics to the weight, but it has become a multinational chain of decoration. With respect to the section dedicated to the theory of the franchise model, they responded, as usual, to the questions posed by listeners. And in the first place was to take stock of all expenses that are included in the so-called initial investment, which is not anything other than headings economic required to start any type of business. Then it was the turn of to determine the capacity available to the franchisee to suit your business with additions or amendments on its own initiative. In addition the program did a review of the latest news from the sector, as the benefit record achieved by Starbucks in the second quarter of this year; the new line of business, lower investment, of the chain of dry-cleaning Pressto; recruitment conducted by McDonald s in the U.S. campaign.UU.; the agreement between LDC and Intermutuamur; the arrival to Spain as the Umbilical cord Bank franchise; the choice of Lizarran by Universal to offer the catering of the feast organized on the occasion of the second annual Latin Grammy Awards; and new more than 1,000 calorie...
Engineering Informatics University of Granma Faculty of Engineering Department of basic sciences. Introduction: The development of the subjects all terrain (TT) is a conception based on blended learning education and/or a Distancia (ED), which benefits especially in the development of self-learning of students and may develop under any circumstance in which the educational teaching process, to unfold therefore needed a pedagogical model other than which develops directly the Professor with weekly frequenciesWe'll call him not directing. This model of blended learning and distance, reaffirms the unity of emotional and cognitive of the personality of the students of Engineering Computing, which provides a very useful space for students and teachers to systematize and incorporate professional skills in future engineers with the use of new technologies of information and communications. But the cornerstone of the work pedagogical lies in the proper structuring of the components of the plan of study disciplines of so that, in addition to shared values, forming the self-determination and self-consciousness in the solution of the ever-growing problems in the branch in which you will work the professional future. The preparation of TT disciplines leads to take into account a pedagogical model steering and not cooperative with objective and subjective resources for the development of the same, therefore must be designed the educational teaching process where each element is based on non-intervention direct and constant of the teacher, as the face-to-face education provides. There are many experiences at the national and international level with the blended learning model and Ed, what is missing is precisely to structure the process according to the characteristics of the students and the levels of previous knowledge. How to structure a discipline all-terrain? It is the problem to be addressed.