Governmental Organization One just-established not governmental organization, the Tupi Here, in the State of So Paulo, already considers the inclusion of the language in the resume of as the degree. the Brazilian public already can attend a film all said in tupi, the Hans Staden, with the participation of famous actors as Stnio Garci'a, Sergio Mamberti and Claude Liz. Great part of these projects must it the pioneering effort of Eduardo de Navarrese Almeida, professor of the College of Letters of the University of So Paulo, the only one in all the country that offers course of tupi old, also called tupi classic, a language that, until century 18, was said for all the inhabitants of the country, including Portuguese and African. On account the dream to keep alive the culture tupi, the Navarrese, founding professor the ONG Tupi Here, already was nicknamed even Policarpo Quaresma, name of the idealistic personage created by the writer Barreto Rasp. In book of Barreto, Quaresma arrived to be interned in a hospice, when trying to make of tupi ' ' official and national language of the people brasileiro' '. Navarrese wait that its modest proposal obtains to include the language tupi in the resumes of the schools of So Paulo. Other followers, as professor Hlder Perri Blacksmith participates of the project, as revisory of the book that Navarrese Eduardo finished to launch, the Modern Method of Old Tupi - the Language of Brazil of the First Centuries. Conceived as a didactic manual for laypeople, the book teaches the writing in such a way how much it says tupi to it, by means of simple phonetic notations, that practically excuse the presence of the professor. In this study, the insistence in detaching the aboriginal toponymy is justified, as much for the necessity of rescue of a...
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