Da Vinci He found that mnoogobrazie color, open the ancient Greeks and Romans, may be limited. Da Vinci wrote: "Simple colors - 6: white, yellow, green, blue, red and black. " Leonardo da Vinci also identified two possible dimensions of colors: the artistic and physical. Color - one of the properties of material objects, conceived as a conscious visual sensation. One or different color 'is assigned to' man-made objects in their visual perception. Color perception may partially vary depending on the psychophysiological state of the observer, such as increase in hazardous situations, decrease in fatigue. In most cases, the color sensation is the result of exposure to the eye flow of electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths in which the radiation perceived by the eye (visible range - a wavelength from 380 to 760 nm). Sometimes the color sensation occurs without the influence of radiant flux on the eyes - at the pressure on the eyeball, stroke, electrical stimulation, etc., as well as mental associations with the other senses - sound, heat, etc., and as a result of the imagination. Different color sensations cause differently colored objects, their raznoosveschennye sites, as well as light sources and produced by them lighting. In this case, the perception of colors may vary (even with the same relative spectral composition of radiation fluxes), depending on whether it falls into the eye radiation from light sources or from objects. In human terms, however, used the same terms to refer to the color of these two different types of objects.
The Industrialist Thus it has confirmed it the industralist and president of escudera Italian, Luca Cordero de Montezemolo. " Alonso is very strong and Massa in recuperacin" , Montezemolo says. The industralist and president of escudera Ferrari, Luca Cordero de Montezemolo, confirmed that the Brazilian Felipe Massa will continue being the pair of the double world-wide champion Spanish Fernando Alonso in the equipment during season 2012 of Formula 1. " Alonso is very strong and Massa in recuperacin" , Montezemolo said to the private television Sky Italy, when remembering the triumph of the Spanish in the Great Prize of Silverstone (England) the last week, which supposed the first success of escudera in 2011. " Certainly, it has been a victory that has taken place at the right moment, after much trabajo" , it commented. " I requested a great reaction and I am thankful for to our men by the effort and the capacity demostradas" , it stressed, before the microphones of the television, Montezemolo. " The fact that ours first victory of the season arrived in Silverstone, in the same circuit and the same month in which Ferrari gained its first Prize in 1951, demonstrates the force of escudera and which Ferrari is always and that, for 60 years it has a red car in the departure line of each Great Premio". " The pilots always contribute something more. When I was a young sport leader in the Seventies, she said that the car and the pilot told the 50 percent the same. Today, the car counts more, but it is in the 30 percent in which the pilot ones marks diferencia" , he trenched Lamb of Montezemolo. Source of the news: Alonso and Massa will be the pair of Ferrari in 2012