Tips And Information About Online Marketing That work in creative marketing, as well as strictly scientific working people, you realize already that you enjoy going already in the definition of the term "marketing" the opinions are very diverse and far apart, "meet needs profitably." Philip Kotler "Allmeasures of a company that are designed to promote sales." According to Orbis Wirtschaftslexikon since 1985 is marketing by the American Marketing Association is defined "as:" The planning of the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of products and services exchange processes to meet in order to achieve individual and organizational goals. "Do not worry, if that says anything: Ultimately, marketing is really all that all life is marketing. Wear Jewelry? An expensive watch? Proceed with an impressive car in front of a discotheque in order to impress the opposite sex, you already do Marketing - with no advertising stickers. The definition of the marketing mix is a worldwideestablished concept of economic theory and is based on publications by Neil Borden in the 30s of the 20th Century. Marketing is thus not simply another word for advertising. To make an informed online marketing approach, you should have before you made but not later than the business idea: It is precisely for activities on the Internet, so a buyer's market is characterized by extreme market transparency, is a comprehensive and highly specialized approach to be recommended. With the traditional marketing mix: pricing policies * * * for Communication Policy, Product Policy * distribution policy (distribution, logistics), you do nothing wrong, of course, but will not be particularly successful. But it is on the Internet about standing out from the crowd of sellers: So you expand your marketing strategy, at least the following tools: * Market Research * Marketing Research * Quality Control * where you do this already if you are including...
Da Vinci He found that mnoogobrazie color, open the ancient Greeks and Romans, may be limited. Da Vinci wrote: "Simple colors - 6: white, yellow, green, blue, red and black. " Leonardo da Vinci also identified two possible dimensions of colors: the artistic and physical. Color - one of the properties of material objects, conceived as a conscious visual sensation. One or different color 'is assigned to' man-made objects in their visual perception. Color perception may partially vary depending on the psychophysiological state of the observer, such as increase in hazardous situations, decrease in fatigue. In most cases, the color sensation is the result of exposure to the eye flow of electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths in which the radiation perceived by the eye (visible range - a wavelength from 380 to 760 nm). Sometimes the color sensation occurs without the influence of radiant flux on the eyes - at the pressure on the eyeball, stroke, electrical stimulation, etc., as well as mental associations with the other senses - sound, heat, etc., and as a result of the imagination. Different color sensations cause differently colored objects, their raznoosveschennye sites, as well as light sources and produced by them lighting. In this case, the perception of colors may vary (even with the same relative spectral composition of radiation fluxes), depending on whether it falls into the eye radiation from light sources or from objects. In human terms, however, used the same terms to refer to the color of these two different types of objects.